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Income Tax Return

E-file your IT Returns easily!

What do you think?are you worried about income tax return?do you need to concern to an expert who directs you? If you are likely to miss Income tax return for this assessment year, you are absolutely wrong.

Income tax return is a simpler process to disclose our yearly income. You just fulfill the requirements, we, on behalf of you , submit the return under proper guidance.

So, no late is till now. But 31 st March is near to our door. Get hurry, connect with us and be secure your return for ever

File your tax return for FY 2016-17
(AY 2017-2018)

FREE & easiest way of e-filing Income Tax Returns

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Tax Payment

Often a businessman has to rush to the city 50 km away for a simple clerical duty of payment of tax online, thus wasting the entire day. Now GST requires monthly payment of tax. Income Tax has to be paid either as Advance Tax (on different dates in different percentages of the total tax) or Self Assessment Tax and taxes consequent upon a regular assessment or upon a demand raised on scrutiny. Tax payment is not the job of a novice in the field – payment under wrong head ends up in multiplying tax liability. A specific challan is to be raised online and submitted for a particular type of payment of tax. In GST, as Central GST payment cannot be adjusted against State GST payments, utmost caution is required. Our clients need not to stand in a queue for hours to deposit tax in a bank. We provide tax payment service also on behalf of our clients.

The Right Tax Saving Options are

Description Type Of Payment Nature of Payments
ITNS 280 For payment of Income Tax and Corporation Tax. Advance Tax
Self Assessment Tax
ITNS 281 For depositing Tax Deducted at Source /Tax Collected at Source (TDS/TCS) Tax on Distributed Profits of Domestic Companies
Tax on Regular Assessment
From corporate or non-corporate TDS/TCS Payable by the Taxpayer
TDS/TCS Regular Assessment
ITNS 282 For payment of Securities Transaction Tax, Hotel Receipts Tax, Estate Duty, Wealth Tax, Gift Tax, Expenditure Tax and Other direct taxes. Advance Tax
Self Assessment Tax
Tax on Regular Assessment
ITNS 283 From corporate or non-corporate Advance Tax
Self Assessment Tax
Tax on Regular Assessment

Income Tax Filing

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